chatvisual has the objective of regeneration and conservation of forests. chatvisual will pay to plant a new tree or conserve an existing tree for every conversation you make.

chatvisual has the discretion and will solely determine (where necessary with the help of advisors) to plant one tree for every paid conversation made or use the money/funds to protect an existing tree through conversation efforts. chatvisual, at its sole discretion, may provide a one-off payment after the financial year to a tree provider, conservation group or other organisation that enables chatvisual to achieve the objective of regeneration and conversation of forests.

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and we'll plant a tree for EVERY conversation you make. learn more

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  3. Set a price (we collect payments automatically either via Debit/Credit Card, Apple Pay or Google Pay and offer refunds/no-show protection)
  4. Meet online via your web browser (no need to download/install any app, software etc., just click on the link in the calendar invite)

Our Highlights

  • Free to use for all content providers
  • No need to download/install any app, software etc.
  • Payment solutions outsourced to Stripe
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